Scribble Bots!

Mom’s feeling a bit burnt out in class, so she started something she calls “Passion Projects.” Every Friday from now on we have 4 hours to research and work on anything we want. Today was our first Passion Project and I gotta say, it was pretty fun!

Bean and I were looking at the materials we have and found two DC motors. She remembered having seen a wiggle bot made with markers for feet, but neither of us ever built one before. That sounded pretty fun to me, so we looked up how to make the “art bots” on Youtube. There are some really cool and creative bots out there! None of the videos have exactly the same setup, but after watching a few we figured out how to hook the battery holders we had to the motors. So we got to building!


The trickiest part was trying to connect the wire ends, they were really small. Other than that, setting up was super easy and fast. It took us about 10 minutes. The next tricky part was trying to keep the motor on the bot! The hot glue wasn’t enough but we were out of tape! So the motors flew off my cup bodied bot a few times, but I was able to play for a few straight minutes without having to add more glue. Next time we’ll decorate ours with googly eyes and stuff (and make sure we have tape before we start!).

I don’t think these are actually considered robots but it was super neat to build our own motorized toys. It was a blast playing with them and they only cost about $6 to make. We are going to use the papers the robots drew on for cards for family.

You can check out our video here. We included a list of materials and general building instructions. If you make one, come back and share it with us! I hope everyone had as much fun today as we did while making that video!


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