Not My Arms Birthday Cake Challenge

Bean turns 6 this week! In celebration, we’ve made a very special video! We did a “Not My Arms” challenge, birthday style. In the vid we attempt to decorate a birthday cake with unexpected results. It was a fun way to celebrate Bean’s birthday. We hope you’ll check it out.



Birthdays at our house means the birthday boy or girl gets a day off from any chores and gets to pick what they want for dinner. We get to choose anything, whether it’s a homemade meal or we go out. Can you believe that Bean chose Burger King this year?  We actually get two dinners- a huge one with family and friends, and the one with just us. Mom goes all out with handmade decorations.  All day we get visitors and phone calls wishing us a happy birthday. After dinner it’s time for cake! We sing & the VIP makes a wish.  Then it’s time to unwrap presents. This year Bean begged for a Fingerling and was most excited about that, but totally lost interest in it in just 2 days.

How does your family celebrate birthdays?


One thought on “Not My Arms Birthday Cake Challenge

  1. Great job on the birthday cake!! Sound like birthdays are tons of fun around your house! When our kids were small, we would all sneak in to their bedroom on their birthday and wake them up singing Happy Birthday!!


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