Zoodinos Magazine

Can you tell we’re deeply engrossed in our Zoodinos magazines?

Published by Zoobooks, Zoodinos is a fun-filled way to learn about dinosaurs! In each issue, readers will find info on their favorite dinosaurs, from Anhanguera to Zuniceratops! Kids will discover answers to questions such as how fast a T-Rex could run, and whether or not they might have had feathers.

Zoodinos magazine brings the world of dinosaurs to life with cool facts, scientifically accurate illustrations, and fun activities. Other interesting features include funny comics and interviews with real scientists, as well as free access to the digital edition!

Zoodinos makes learning fun! The simple, interactive text is great for young readers and encourages discussion.  Kids will love the games and activities that are designed to enrich learning, teach critical thinking, and strengthen problem solving skills. Your child will be excited to share what they’ve learned with the whole family!

We really enjoyed Zoodinos and think it would make a great gift for young readers interested in dinosaurs!

  • Age Recommended: 3-6
  • Issues Per Year: 6
  • Publishing Frequency: Bi-Monthly
  • Includes free Access to the digital edition

Visit www.zoobooks.com/zoodinos to learn more about Zoodinos!

We received 5 issues of Zoodinos in order to review them. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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